Saturday morning

What happened to this week?  Here we are again at another weekend. Even the month has just disappeared.   The temperature is down below zero again this morning and my heating doesn't come on until 4am so it is pretty cold.  Yesterdays lunch of roast duck worked very well except that I had some timing issues as I forgot to put the oven on in time.  Anyway, the method of cooking the duck worked wonderfully and it was very tender and delicious if served rather later than anticipated.  I had done copious vegetables to accompany the duck and so there were enough left over to make some bubble and squeaks for supper which I fried off in some of the duck fat.  The carcass is in a pot making stock and this morning and I will dismantle it for the dogs breakfast.  I will reduce the stock down and save it to make the gravy for the duck we are going to have for Christmas.  All in all £6 well spent.  

Last night, while I sat watching a couple of back episodes of Master Chef, I decided that my Bartterie de cuisine was missing a tamis so I have one on order from Amazon.  I feel savoury mousses, or should that be mice, coming on!!! At present my finest sieve is a tea strainer which is a bit small for most things other than tea and the odd bit of icing sugar for decoration.

Another pair of socks are ready to be sent off, and I am working my way through the box of wool that I was sent anonymously.  I can only hope that the person who sent it has received a pair of socks!!!  This particular pair feel very nice as the merino wool is mixed with some alpaca so it is particularly soft and cosy.

Early next week I will collect my curtains from the dry cleaners and we will finally be able to put the sitting room back to its former use.  Everything that is washable has been washed so all that remains is a good hoover and the furniture to rearrange.  I suppose I am lucky that I have a room on the ground floor which can so readily be converted to a bedroom should the need arise.  However I hope it will be some time before I need to use it as such again. 

Have a good weekend and pinch punch and all that, here comes December 


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