New Years Eve

With the New Year approaching I have found myself being somewhat reflective.  With all the excitement that the year held with Olympics and Jubilee celebrations for me personally it has been by far the worst year on record.  However, things are gradually getting better so I am hopeful that 2013 will prove to be a better year.  Through all the traumas I have managed to perfect my sock knitting technique and am now on the last ball of wool from the anonymous box I received.  I have cooked and cooked and we have eaten very well as a result.   Bassos' training, all be it sporadic, has come on well and he is a real joy to be around.  Dogs have such a good attitude to life, they live purely in the moment, with neither past nor future, just the now.  I wish I too could live like that!!!! But the thing I envy most is their ability to fall asleep instantly if there is nothing happening and then wake just as instantly if there is some entertainment to be had.  No sitting on the edge of the bed scratching their head while they wake up!!! no need for a belt of caffeine before they can face the day.  We lost poor old Tuc this year and we all miss him he was such a loving and faithful friend but we are happy that we did the right thing and didn't let him suffer.  

James is making great progress with his physiotherapy he is managing to shuffle around the house without his crutches. A couple of months ago he was confined to a wheelchair and a bed downstairs now he is on his feet and back to his bedroom.  He and Mike are managing to rub along together a bit better which relieves me form the piggy in the middle situation.  I have, however, taken two big knocks to my beliefs.  My view of the police force has changed from one of trust to contempt and disgust and my view of my former employers the NHS has been completely shattered.  I no longer feel secure that in times of need they will be there for you.  I have found them to be worse than useless.  Nothing happens without constant chasing and the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing.  The errors have been mostly minor but a symptom of just how poor the service has become.  Heaven help those who do not understand and take things on face value.

Through all this mess and mayhem Shiona has been a rock and a true friend.  Nothing has been too much trouble and she has kept my chin off the floor on many occasions.  Friends from far and wide have phoned and let me moan and bleat and commiserated with me.  The so called welfare state has done nothing but hinder us and we have received not one jot of support or help from them.  That I am still standing is no thanks to them.  What has helped has been to keep this blog which has  made me go through things sensibly and add a good dose of perspective when all I wanted to do was kill someone.  When things were really bad I had to remind myself that at least we were not living in Syria and there were no bombs dropping around us.  We were warm and sheltered, there was food on the table and we had the support of friends and relatives. Not to be entirely negative the ambulance service were wonderful professional and effective as are the orthoptic department who have supplied the air boot that has been a god send to James.  The Red Cross deserve a mention as it was they who supplied the wheelchair and allowed us to keep it much longer than usual.  Our local chemist has also been most helpful with all the drugs and prescriptions which were a total mess and took ages to sort out.  

So what does the New Year hold for us - who knows? - but lets hope it is continued progress.  

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