Monday morning

Well here we are on the final week up to Christmas.  Yesterday was a nice balmy day and so we took the dogs for a walk in some local woods where every other tree is a holly.  I took my secateurs with me and plundered the trees for some decorations. Then it was back to cook the lunch.  I stuffed the breast end of the chicken with lemon parsley and thyme stuffing purely because I had spare stale bread and a big bunch of parsley.  The added stuffing ensured that there was sufficient meat left over for lunch today.  I now always cook my chickens in the halogen oven, half an hour breast down and the last half hour breast up.  This seems to give the best results and keeps the bird nice and moist.  For supper we had a good old standby sunday night supper of boiled eggs and toasty soldiers.  Since I have been without my hens I have been buying eggs in Aldi and they are by far the freshest I have found but I can't wait until the spring when I can restock my poultry pen and once again have my own eggs.  Though I must admit I have not missed traipsing up the garden in the foul weather to feed and clean out the hens.  The chicken carcass has been put in the stock pot so tonights supper will be a soup of some kind but as yet I haven't decided what flavour.  

I put all the laundry through the machine yesterday and today I should get it all ironed and put away which gives me a clear week to get on with other things.  I still have a few bits to sort out in the sitting room before it is fit to receive visitors but I am getting there in dribs and drabs.  I thought as Tuesday is Janes' last day I would sit with her and clean the silver and wash up all the glass stuff so that it is sparkling.  I am a great believer that if the shiny things are shiny the house looks clean even if it isn't.

Our butcher is staying open on Sunday so that we can go and collect our meat which we order weeks ago.  Then the garage will have to be a walk in fridge so I would appreciate a bit colder weather than we have at the moment.  In the kitchen today I would like to sweat off lots of carrots onions and celery and vac bag it ready to make the base of lots of dishes.  Most soups and stews start off with a base of sweated vegetables so it is a nice head start.

It is just getting light so time I got my show on the road.  Have a good day all and I hope you can get your last minute things all sorted and then rest easy.

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