Monday morning

Chilly and cold this morning but dry with no Siberian wind so all in all not too bad.  Yesterdays loin of pork was very tasty and there is plenty left for a cold lunch today.  The most useful devise to ensure a perfect roast is the thermometer I bought from Lakeland.  You just set the temperature you require and when it beeps the meat is done.  While the meat rests you have time to finish off the vegetables and make the gravy.   All the temperatures for rare, medium and well done are on the back of the machine so you don't even have to remember them.  The picture shows fahrenheit but it also does centigrade which is a bit easier.
I had a pretty rotten night last night as I fell asleep early then woke at midnight and was still singing and dancing at 2am thank goodness I dont have a job to go to.  I do have a trip to Maidstone this morning for my 6 monthly check with the dentist but I can spend the rest of the day mooching and knitting.  I did all the laundry yesterday as it seemed sensible to wash everything as I had so much muddy stuff to deal with.  The merino wool thermal underwear I hand washed which I'm sure helped my badly scratched hand which then got a good slathering of cream and seems to be healing without incident.  We had a trip to Aldi yesterday and I must admit to an impulse buy - I bought a pair of hand warmers for the princely sum of £1.89.  They work by chemical reaction and you need to put then in a pan and boil them for 10 minutes once they have been used so that they are primed and ready to go again.  Just the thing for those cold days out with the dog.  They would make a terrific stocking filler.

Well that about it for this morning time I got this show on the road the washing is now dry so that can be sorted out and the ironing done not that there is much this week.  
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