Monday morning

Slightly out of focus cream slice which was last nights supper.  Lunch had been some roast salt marsh lamb with peas mash and gravy so not much was needed for supper.  I had been itching to make "creme patissiere", in the thermo and was not disappointed it took all of 7 minutes once the ingredients were weighed into the bowl.  Once done it can sit it the fridge for ages provided you cover closely with cling film to stop a skin forming.  I can see this being a real boon in the summer for fruit tarts and profiteroles.  

The weather today is a complete change. It is relatively warm and pouring with rain, a direct contrast from yesterday when it was so cold but dry.  Today I am hoping to retrieve my curtains from the dry cleaners and get them back up on the windows.  Not a job I relish but one that has to be done.  For lunch we will have some venison sausages and supper will be a fish pie which just needs defrosting and reheating, it will also clear a bit of space in the freezer.  This will also give me the time to give the kitchen a bit of a birthday.  I did the fridge yesterday but there is still plenty of mess to clean.  I would like to make a big bubble and squeak to put in the freezer for reheating on boxing day to have with the cold turkey.  I would also like to get the stuffing and pigs in blankets done and in the freezer.  I must own up to using foil trays for all these items so as to save on washing up.  I have found that these trays wash well in the dishwasher and they do normally get more than one use but come Christmas they get binned.

James has an appointment at 10am at the hospital so hopefully we can combine dropping him off with collecting the curtains.  We are very fortunate that we live just 5 minutes from the hospital so parking is not an issue as we always drop off and collect which saves time and money. Thank goodness for mobile phones!!!! Let's hope he gets out in under 3 hours this time.  

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