Friday morning

Only two hiccups yesterday the wonderful stock had gone off in the warm kitchen overnight - my fault I should have drained it and got it into the fridge, and the front off side tyre had a puncture made by a big nail.  The stock went down the sink and the tyre got mended so all is now well.  I am not too disappointed about the stock as I did manage to get a bowl of it for supper one evening.

Individual pies made with short crust pastry filled with turkey ham and leek in white sauce and then topped with jellied cranberry and orange sauce.  I saw this idea done by the Hairy bikers when they made a big pie so I sort of miniaturised it.  They are a bit rough and ready around the edges but the pastry is very short and I had to blind bake the cases before filling.  Anyway the most important thing is that they taste really good.  The left over cream got made into lemon panna cotta with a blob of 'little scarlet" strawberry jam in the bottom of the ramekins.  The stuffing along with the pastry trimmings was made into pasties, now all I have left is lots of fresh vegetables which will be made into various dishes and a chunk of ham for sandwiches.

Parsnips will be curried parsnip soup, swede, potato and onions will make some pasties along with some rump steak, the sprouts will make bubble and squeak all of which can then be frozen ready for quick meals in the new year.

This morning we have to drag ourselves to the Department for Work and Pensions office in Chatham to prove James is injured apparently the hospital and doctors records are not proof enough they want to see him.  The town will be packed with sales shoppers so it is going to be a bit of a trauma.  Mike is going to drop us outside the offices and then try to park the car or drive around while we are being seen.  Given that the weather forecast is for lots of rain and wind sound like we should have plenty of fun.

I would also like to get the dogs out for a bit of a blast but that is really down to the weather and how long we are going to waste in Chatham.

In the mean time I will prepare some of the vegetables ready to make my dishes and and refill the freezer.

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