Friday morning

Well here I am back where it all began many years ago.  It was at Shiona's computer that I first started this blog.  Yesterday was a very strange day weather wise it started off bitterly cold but as the day progressed it gradually warmed up and eventually started to rain.  James and I started the day off with a trip to Curries to pick up a speaker he had reserved - mean while my chicken livers were defrosting so without further ado I set to and made some chicken liver parfait which we had on toast for lunch.  We had had a crazy breakfast of what I like to call fried air.  I had 5 egg whites left over from the zabalione so I beat them until stiff then added a little sugar [not enough to make meringue] then the light fluffy clouds were fried off in some melted butter and dressed with a drizzle of molten jam.  I should have taken a photo but forgot.  Anyway a nice way to use up all those egg whites.

We left for Shiona's at about 3.30 and managed to catch all the rush hour traffic in Maidstone and it had just started to rain so it was a bit of a miserable journey.  However we were treated to a lovely supper of venison steaks with a cassis sauce and rice.  We then set off for the village hall where the play was to be performed.  To our horror someone had been in and turned the heating off so the hall was stone cold.  Fortunately the audience had come with thick jackets which they could keep on and though we put the heating on immediately it was just getting warm when the performance was over.  Shiona is going to put the heating on at lunch time today when she goes to the hall to check on one of the stars, a goldfish named Orca.  If the fish has seen fit to die she will have to rush out and buy another for this evenings performance.  If he survives the three days of the performance he is destined to go into Shionas pond where he can have a long and happy life or make a meal for the wretched heron.  The play was very good and as usual I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the acting.  By the time we left at around 10pm the hall was just nice and pleasant in temperature.  Anyway it was off to bed once all 5 dogs had been let out for their final toilet run.  This morning is chilly but dry at the moment and the dogs are all settled around my feet snoozing peacefully it is obviously too early for them.

Have a good day all and I hope your weather is not to cold
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