Friday monring

I think I will have a flower for Christmas, the bud seems to be developing before my very eyes.  Yesterday was busy with my brother in laws visit.  I hastily rearranged the menu and did some pheasant breast with mushroom and cream mashed spuds and carrot battons for lunch.  Thank goodness I had sous vide cooked them before freezing which meant it was mostly a reheating job.  the zabaglione that my mate Thermo made was just right.  The lambs kidneys that I had earmarked for supper ended up as devilled kidneys on toast for supper as we were still 4 and I needed to stretch thing out a bit.  

Mike took the Landrover off to get the windscreen washers fixed which as it turned out was just a burnt out fuse.  However, Landrover did a thorough check and we also got some new windscreen wiper blades so everything is hopefully in tip top condition for the winter months.  James collected his boots from the orthoptic department and they look splendid, there is nothing much to see from the outside they look like normal boots.  He is pleased with them, now all he has to do is practice wearing them and learning to walk again.  I think this may well take some time but at least we are seeing some improvement.  Today he has an appointment to see the pelvic specialist and I expect them to discharge him as his pelvis is now healed, all be it crooked.  We have to drive him over to Pembury hospital this morning for that appointment so we have decided to treat ourselves to lunch out.  There is a super pub in Pembury where they do very good food so that is where we will head from the hospital. Then I think it will be home and try to get a bit of kip as I am feeling quite tired and need to catch up a bit before I am out with the dog on Saturday.

Isn't it amazing how time seems to contract the closer you get to Christmas the number of hours in the day seem to get less and less and what seemed ages away is suddenly upon you.  

Anyway have a good day all with any luck this is your last working day and now you will have a bit of a break from the usual routine.

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