Happy Christmas to you all - as usual I am up at the crack of dawn - well actually well before dawn.  It is pouring with rain here but relatively mild.  My turkey is all done and in the garage for boxing day and today I will roast a duck for the three of us.  The consensus opinion was that it should be served with mash, peas and gravy so that is exactly what I shall do.  My slow cooker has been on for days with the giblets from both birds and assorted other bits and bobs so the stock for the gravy should be good.  

However first and foremost I shall start the day with a family tradition and that is a big slice of panettone dunked in a cup of really good coffee while playing carols at high volume.  Then it will be on with the peeling of the potatoes and preparing the duck.

Have a brilliant day and may all your culinary adventures be good ones......

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