Wednesday morning

Well it is cold but quiet this morning.  Yesterday, we finally dismantled the bed from the front room the mattress is now waiting to go to the tip and the frame is ready to go to the shed.  Jane came and did her thing but she is really suffering and it is painful to watch her.  I am very glad that we have come to an amicable arrangement about her leaving.  She was amazed at Basso - I had thrown laundry down the stairs and she was about to pick it up and take it to the washing machine when I asked her to leave it and let Basso bring it.  It is a bit of a slow process as he can only manage one piece at a time but he went back time and time again until the whole pile was brought.  Jane stood and watched incredulous at how the dog was working.  He then went and sat next to his treats which he felt had been earned so Jane gave him a biscuit for his trouble.  Talking of laundry I think I have about 10 loads to do what with all the beding from the front room on top of a weeks normal washing.    With weather so changeable the seldom used tumble dryer will be put to good use.

The recipe for the stock paste made the jars you can see in the picture and given that one teaspoon will make 300-400 ml of stock they should last quite a while.  The recipe states that they will last 6 months but at the rate I use it that is highly unlikely.  I keep a jar in the fridge once it is open the remainder can go in the garage with my extra supplies.

Today being bin day I have 4 pheasants to dress before the bin men arrive so that will need to be done very soon.  I think I may well put one in the freezer to use as a training aid and just breast out the remainder.  

Shiona was going to come shooting but has rather too much to do organising her play so we have agreed to cancel until next week or maybe the week after.  Things tend to get rather fraught towards the holidays.  

Aldi have a special offer on today a frozen goose for £20 and a whole duck at £6.50 this is very tempting offer if I have room in my freezer!!!!

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