Thursday Morning

This morning the temperature has dropped like a stone and it is a mere 2 degrees outside but at least the rain has stopped.

The bed in the front room has been put into the attic which we decided would be the best place as the wooden slats would get damp and warp in the shed.   The curtains should be ready early next week so I will finally have the room back to normal once the furniture is rearranged and the room given a good hoover.  The pheasants got dealt with and I put them through the sous vide wrapped in parma ham and so ready to flash in a hot pan full of butter and then dress with a splash of cream.  The monumental pile of laundry also got finished now all that is left is the monumental pile of ironing which I will tackle this morning.  I went to Aldi and purchased a 2.5 kg duck which I have left to defrost and will then roast tomorrow.  I also took the time to pay a visit to the butchery counter in Dobbies where I got the fabulous beef.  The butcher was apprehensive as I mentioned the beef until he realised that I had come to thank him, then he relaxed and took a deep breath.  While I was there I bought some stewing steak but the butcher, now delighted with me, chopped up the tail end of a rump steak for me to stew so as you can imagine it was pretty good especially as it was done in the slow cooker in Guinness.   It just goes to show that a little praise goes a long way.  

We had another bit of luck too.  James, in clearing up his room had inadvertently thrown out a new packet of morphine patches instead of the empty one.  Well, we managed to retrieve them from the rubbish before the bin men arrived so disaster averted.  I also nearly made a fatal mistake - an envelope with what I thought was a pre christmas cards and begging letter had arrived and I was about to bin it when Mike noticed that it was in fact from the passport office.  My new passport had arrived despite the form being incorrectly filled in. So all in all a day when the gods were on our side.

Today is a bit of a blank canvas until the evening when I am being a taxi for James and Zoe who are going for a meal at our only Michelin stared restaurant.  I will be very interested in how they get on and look forward to a full report.  I hope the evening cheers him up a bit as he is pretty down.  He is trying to come to terms with the fact that his foot will never be right again.  I knew this from day one but he had enough to cope with without my mentioning it.  I am desperately trying to finish a pair of socks in time to post them off for Christmas so I am taking every opportunity to knit a few rows.

Well thats about it pretty mundane stuff but most of life is mundane stuff dotted with ups and downs.  LIKE IRONING !!!!

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