Friday morning

Yesterday was cold but today is even colder it is under freezing and last night the gritter lorries were out so they were expecting ice.  I only know this because James took Zoe out to a restaurant and I was the the taxi.  I am not usually out and about in the car late in the evening.  They had a nice meal but James paid me a lovely compliment as he felt it was not anything special as he ate so well at home normally.

Earlier in the day we had taken the dogs for a walk in the woods which was not a good idea as poor James found that his crutches were sinking into the mud and it was a bit of a trial so we turned for home rather soon than normal.  The dogs don't seem to mind the length of the walk just the fact of going out seems to satisfy their needs.

Today I am roasting the duck we got from Aldi which is now thoroughly defrosted and I intend to follow John Torode's recipe for the perfect roast duck which gives it half an hour steaming under foil before giving it an hour getting golden.  He also stuffs the inside with rosemary and salt and pepper which should be nice.   Dosent that look appealing?

With the duck I am going to make creamed potatoes and serve it with carrots and peas.  This is a bit of a dry run for christmas day as I have ordered a duck for then so if this method turns out well then I will stick to it.

Well it is really late this morning I dont know what happened but I didn't wake until 7.30 this morning after a really good nights sleep......

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