Wednesday morning

Potted olive tree in bloom I don't think have ever noticed olives in bloom who knows we may even get some fruit.

What a day yesterday was it rained almost continuously all day, it was never very heavy but it was constant.  It was quite late in the afternoon when it finally stopped.  The wonderful Jane came and did her thing and I got soaked doing the outdoor chores which included emptying the car ready for collection today.  It is due to be serviced and will be collected at 8 am this morning and returned tomorrow.  As well as the service it is due to have a major clean which has meant moving the dog cage so that the men can clean the back which is pretty disgusting.  Then again it is a landrover so it is not meant to be all shiny and clean.

With all this rain the laundry is a constant pain as it is difficult to get things dry so I am doing it in dribs and drabs which means there is always a clothes horse of wet washing somewhere.  For lunch we had some of the butchers sausages, some garlic flavour and some beer flavour and very nice they were but I think the garlic flavour definitely win my vote.  Then for supper I did a lovely risotto with lots of broad beans from the garden and some of the chicken stock from the freezer.  I do enjoy making meals from my own produce even if that is just my own stock!!!

Today Shiona is coming over and we are hoping to go shooting but if the weather is against us there are plenty of other things to do.  Tomorrow she is off up to Scotland for 6 weeks and I for one will miss her as she has been a real rock through the very difficult days we have had recently.  I have a burning desire to make a recipe from one of the blogs that I follow.  It is written in Italian by a lady from Greece and has some very authentic greek recipes.  The one I fancy doing is for a dessert which is filo pastry filled with what looks like a crème patissière but made with semolina instead of flour. I suppose it is a sort of cream slice made with filo anyway I am keen to have a go and as I have all the ingredients if it rains today then I may have a play in the kitchen.   If I have piqued your interest here is the web address  Have a look at the bit of video of the guy making this dish at the end of the blog it is quite amazing.

There was a hiccup with the delivery of my vegetable box and when I finally rang to check I discovered that they had had one of those days from hell with someone crashing into their delivery van and a driver going off sick but they had battled on and my vegetables did arrive around 5pm.  So well done Riverford.

Now I have a confession to make I ordered the Gok Wan cookery book yesterday as I have had to copy down notes and replay the show several times to get recipes.  The char siu pork was such a success that I am keen to try some of the other dishes especially the salt a pepper squid which is my very favourite dish from the chinese take away.  How much better if I can make it myself and without the batter it should be less calorific.

2.30 is a really stupid time to be getting up so I am going to try and go back to sleep and get a couple more hours rest before I tackle today.

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