Tuesday morning

A window box full of herbs and tumbler tomatoes seems appropriate outside the kitchen window.  right to left it runs with greek basil, tomato, normal basil, coriander tomato and finally chives.  In the garden I have the hard herbs like bay, rosemary, sage and tarragon and in the greenhouse are the two varieties of parsley.

Yesterday started off with a trip to the dentist for the regular checkup.  I took my knitting with me as we usually arrive a bit early and often have to wait quite a while because they are running late.  Of course this time they were running early and we went straight in.  Fortunately all is in good order for both of us so it was a quick clean and make an appointment for 6 months time.  We came home via Dobbies where we bought some chicken and another piece of loin of pork to do in the char siu style as it was just so delicious.  A couple of punnets of strawberries and a pot of cream finished our food shopping but I also bought some radish and some lettuce seeds so that I can maximise the use of the greenhouse.

Before we went to the dentist James and I had put together all the ingredients for a kedgeree which then just needed reheating and lunch was ready.  The laundry was finally finished but still not dry and dangling around the house. Today it will get put away as Jane is due so I need to have a clear up so that she can hoover around.  I will also have to break the news of Tuc's sad end - I keep running across people who dont know, now I understand why an announcement in the paper is such a good idea.

For supper we had a bowl of pasta and pesto followed by the macerated strawberries and cream perfect!!!!  Today I have taken out some home made burgers and a variety of sausages from the butcher so some kind of a fry up is in order.  The vegetable box is due and the contents is looking fine

  • new potatoes 
  • bunched carrots 
  • onions 
  • summer greens 
  • courgettes 
  • complimentary parsley 
  • salad pack 
  • portobello mushrooms 
  • vine tomatoes 
The weather here has been dire with constant rain but at least the wind has died down and it is not as cold as it was.  There was me all set up to maximise my water usage because of the drought and we have had the usual wet June and every year someone says "what ever happend to flaming June" the last one I can remember was 1976!!!! We often have heat waves in March April or May then come June the heavens open.

We have a new resident in the garden a carrion crow, not my favourite bird, but he does have one advantage he hates the pigeons almost as much as I do and does a better job scaring them off.  I think he has claimed our garden as his territory and will not tolerate any pigeon interference which is fine by me.  Even the magpies have been ousted the small birds seem quite unafraid and he ignores them so it is a fine arrangement.

Tomorrow I am hoping for a break in the weather so I can go shooting but I am not holding my breath. After that Shiona is off to Scotland for 6 weeks and Jeff is off to Italy for his annual holiday so I will be devoid of partners and unless I decided to go alone shooting will be off for while. Fingers crossed that tomorrow is at least dry!!!

Have a good day all despite the weather 

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