Tuesday morning

If the daisies are in bloom then it must be summer but you could be forgiven for not realising as the weather has been so cold and wet.  It didn't brighten up until lunch time when the sun finally came out and the temperatures rose a degree or two.  I was so pleased for all the people who had arranged events and the concert last night in the Mall.  I watched it on the TV and what a galaxy of stars there were.  They covered all kinds of music and threw in a few old favourites to sing along to.  The technical wizardry of the lighting crew is truly to be admired and what they managed to do, using Buck house as a screen, was wonderful.  The finale of fireworks, though not long, was loud and brilliant so all in all a great success.

The tough beef of the previous day got chopped finely and made into 2 cottage pies one of which we had for lunch.   As predicted the chicken was still frozen.  I made a nice bread and butter pudding which we had, with a splash of cream, for our supper.  I had at some time bought a packet of golden raisins which I added.  This was an error as they look very pretty and taste of absolutely nothing they are just sweet.  Today the chicken, simply roast, will take pride of place with the first picking of our broad beans.  The sage is looking good so perhaps a little sage and onion stuffing would be appropriate.

Tuc is still in a very poor state and though he volunteered to come out for a walk I restricted him to the house and garden.  If I can, I will get him to the vet today but I don't know what is happening re the Bank holiday and surgery hours.  As you can imagine this is all I need right now I have enough to worry about without any additional problems.  I only managed three hours sleep last night so I am going to need an afternoon siesta to catch up and recharge my batteries.  Its a good job I am not superstitious as I might think this house is cursed or is my paranoia showing?


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