Thursday morning

In the mass of greenery on the right hand side of this photo there is a blackbird nest - this I know for two reasons; one Basso is determined that there is a bird in there, and two, the parents sit on the arbour and give the alarm call when either Basso or the resident crow are to be seen.  If the family survive it will be a miracle as the nest is somewhere quite low down.  I keep finding Basso in a point and have tried to tell him these are "leave it" birds but I thing to a dog birds are birds......  We have a second nest closer to the house but these birds are more experienced and have built their nest much higher off the ground and therefore stand a better chance for their brood.

Yesterday was a stunning day with wall to wall sunshine and quite warm.   Shiona and I decided that shooting was definitely on, so that is how we spent the morning.  We had the luckiest of rounds with each stand being vacant as we arrived so almost no waiting we both managed to shoot exactly the same score so honours were even.  I had taken out some meat balls and made a tomato sauce so all we had to do was boil some pasta and dress the salad and hey presto lunch was ready.  It did cloud up in the afternoon but no rain and this morning it looks like it is going to be fine.  According to the weather forecast we should stay dry until this evening so I have a list of outdoor jobs that I would like to get done while the weather holds.

We have heard nothing from Landrover so we are hopeful that nothing expensive needs doing to the car and that it will be delivered back to us today all clean and sparkling.  Needless to say I didn't have time to make the lovely Greek cream slice but there are bound to be some wet days ahead when I can have a go.  Today for lunch I am going to do some calves liver with asparagus and strawberries and cream for dessert.  As for supper who knows!!!

The whole house is pervaded with the scent of the white lilies now that the blooms have opened in the sunshine.

And doesn't a bit of sun make a difference to your mood, the days and days of wet and cold certainly make you miserable.  The wind and rain has brought down loads of leaves and the roses have taken a real beating but everything revives with a bit of sun............

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