Sunday morning

The basket is planted and as you can see it would have been a pity to leave it empty.  

Yesterday was one to be forgotten as soon as possible James had a visit to the foot specialist and was faced with the news that he will not be able to walk on that foot for anything up to a year and then possible only after some surgery.  This did not come as news to me as I have been aware since day one of just how difficult it would be to heal the calcaneum [heel] however the news hit him like a freight train.  Given that he was depressed before he is now like a raging bull and we are all diving for cover.

No one felt much like lunch so we just had a large plate of asparagus each and called it quits which meant by supper time Mike and I were hungry but I was in no mood to cook so we had a take away chinese.  Today I am going to have to make a bit of an effort and get the piece of beef in the oven or the freezer as it will not last for ever if I don't deal with it.  I did make a load of asparagus soup which is tucked in the freezer for some time when we are feeling low and could use a treat as it has a large dollop of jersey double cream in it.

The temperature this morning is a chilly 9 degrees and it is raining which is such a shame for all those who have street parties planned.  However, it has saved me the job of watering my vegetables with the exception of the greenhouse.  It is really easy to forget that it stays dry in there despite the weather outside.  Last year I had put a leaky hose on a timer which took care of the watering but with all the chaos this year I forgot to set it all up which leaves me with the job of regular watering.  The hens are due for a good clean out today and the dogs need a good run.  Tuc is still very reluctant to move so I think he will be exempt from the walk unless he insists on coming.  Dogs are pretty good a judging what is right for them so I will leave it up to him.  We have a heat pad which you warm in the microwave and he seems to appreciate that to get him going in the morning and lies peacefully with it on his back.

I am beginning to think I am running a nursing home I think it is only Basso and I who are reasonably fit and he is rubbish at doing house work.  His idea of making a bed is to screw everything up into a pile in the centre of the bed.  He does his best to help with the washing up but thats about it.  Nip who is related to royalty has nothing to do with anything and expects his meals provide on time and cooked to his taste.  His only contribution is to bark loudly when the door bell rings.  You just can't get the staff these days!!!!

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