Well last night in a howling gale and freezing cold I sat for two and half hours in a lovely garden watching the Merry Wives of Windsor and much to my surprise it was wonderful.  The acting was super and the costumes lovely.  The cast were word perfect and despite the cold and wind managed to pull off a lovely performance.  During the interval there was a bar and BBQ which was a great attraction not so much for the food as for the warmth.  We didn't get back to Shiona's house until about 11pm at which point I decided that we would be better driving home as I need to be at the vets by 8.30 this morning to perform my last duty for Tuc.  His spine is a mess and he has cauda equina syndrome for which there is no cure.  Even major surgery guarantees nothing so a decision had to be made and as he is my dog it is my responsibility to be with him to the end.
I can type no more as the tears are obscuring my vison and I need to get a grip of my emotions.


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