Saturday morning

We are now a two iPad family as I have passed mine on to Mike - well not so much passed as had commandeered.  Anyway, we no have one each so when I go on my holiday he will not be left destitute.  This going to sound crazy but I downloaded an app which is a meditation to aid sleep.  The first time I put it on I thought to myself this is complete rubbish and that is all I remember I have yet to hear the end of the session because it puts me to sleep in moments.  So I passed on the good new that even though you think it is rubbish it still works.  Mike now uses it and so does James it is quite remarkable how easily it sends you off to sleep.  Sadly I have not found anything to keep you asleep!!!!  I went for the cheaper model as I don't require 3G as I have an iPhone which does all of that.  I suppose I use it rather like a lap top and this one you can actually use on your lap without fear of it turning into a nuclear reactor.

We also had a trip to See Woo the oriental emporium in Greenwich where I stocked up on the ingredients needed for the new cook book.  Last night for supper we had the singapore noodles which were truly delicious and dead easy if you have all the stuff.  Today I have the makings of some pancakes with crispy duck, hoi sin, cucumber and spring onions.  This should make a nice lunch and as I bought the duck that saves me lots of work.  Then tonight I intend to do the salt and pepper squid.....Still havent got round to the Greek dessert but I but I guess that will have to wait.

James went off to see the consultant about his pelvis which is now healed but it is crooked so the muscle will have their work cut out to readjust themselves when he gets on to his feet.   He wants James to have the all clear from the foot guy before he starts work on walking with the physios but at least it is some progress.  He has an appointment to see him on the 25th so not that long to wait.

As I was pushed for time the dogs got a blast round the rugger field and for once Basso met his match in size anyway he came face to face with a huge Rottweiler.  The two boys circled each other and agreed to ignore each other rather than put their strength to the test.   Fortunately there were other dogs to play with and distract them.

The lovely weather has deserted us and we are back to cold windy and wet.  This is no bad thing as I rather overdid things when the sun was shining and my back is complaining.  A day playing in the kitchen will do me no harm.
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