Saturday morning

Wild dog roses are blooming where I walk the dogs.

Yesterday was a busy one of restocking in anticipation of the long weekend.  We had a trip to Faversham to buy coffee and on the way we had to drive past the asparagus farm so I stocked up with a variety of bundles some fat ones for eating as they are and some sprue which will make a really nice soup.  It is not long now and the season will be over so I must make the most of it.  I started the morning with making a big pot of bolognese sauce which will be bagged up and frozen today.  I also made meat balls and some burgers which are already in the freezer.  I picked the crab for lunch and then put its shell along with several others retrieved from the freezer through a hot oven then into a large pot and as I type the shellfish reduction is boiling and reducing on the stove.  The intense flavour is just what is needed for a shellfish risotto.  I reduce it dramatically and store it in tiny pots so it doesn't take up much room.  From the wonderful food emporium I also stocked up on freshly made pesto which is also frozen in tiny quantities.  I think my stores are now complete and I can survive out of the cupboards for quite some time.  

There is  a nursery alongside the food shop and I went to look for a large rosemary bush but found nothing of the size I required so I bought instead a pot of eau de cologne mint and a Vietnamese coriander plant which is apparently a hooligan but is not hardy so that will not cause a problem.  Basically I want them for their decorative values not their culinary use so they will be potted up and treated as annuals.  The guy who runs the nursery is a really nice chap who is obviously in love with his plants and is very knowledgeable so it was interesting to have a chat with him.  

Tuc is still suffering from his back but is not really hampered in any significant way - he is not limping but is keeping himself to himself and resting which is obviously the right thing for him.  I do know how he feels as when my back is bad I feel like hiding in a corner also.

Today we are off to the hospital to see the foot man so it will be interesting to see what he has to say with regard to the prognosis once James is back up on his feet.  Not long now we hope and although it has been hell I think keeping off his feet has allowed his pelvis to heal without incident.

The garden is wet so I guess it has rained overnight but currently as the sun rises it is dry though we have been forecast plenty of the wet stuff which is such a pity for all those who are celebrating the jubilee with outdoor events.  Still this is one thing that the English are good at and dealing with inclement weather is part and parcel of life on this island.

Anyway have fun whatever you have planned and just remember to take a brolly!!!!
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