Monday morning

The tide was out but the dog roses were looking lovely and we managed to get out and have a walk while it was dry. The high winds had brought down one of the wild damson trees but there are so many that it will not make much difference to the crop when the time comes.  I really missed my small dog - who would think such a small dog could leave such a big hole in your life.  Then again he was never more that a foot away from me for the last 10 years so I suppose it is natural.

While the pork was marinating I put the washing machine on to make a start on the mountain of washing which has come from nowhere.  The first three loads I managed to ge out and dry but loads 4 and five will have to wait.  While Tuc was unwell he had been sleeping on an old sleeping bag in the front room with James and that needed a good wash.  Despite being put through the machine and doused in washing powder once hung on the line Basso spent some ten minutes sniffing the sleeping bag and gather doggy information.

Now on to the char siu pork what a revelation it was really delicious and we had it hot with rice and a stir fry of vegetables.

The marinade consist of 2 tablespoons of yellow bean sauce and 2 of hoi sin together with two large slices of ginger finely chopped and 2 large cloves of garlic also finely chopped then 4 teaspoons of sugar.  A scattering of five spice powder and a crushed star anise completes the mixture which is rubbed well into the meat and left of a minmum of two hours.  The meat with its marinade are then transfered to an oven at 210 degrees for 10 minutes and then 40 minutes at 180 degrees.  Once the meat was out and resting I did the rice and vegetables.  We managed to eat half for lunch and the second half we had cold for supper.  The skin and fat from the joint was in the oven for the whole time and was easy to shatter and sprinkle over as a contrast in texture.  All in all a very satisfactory meal and one that will be repeated.

After lunch I took myself off to be for a siesta and slept well until the phone rang and it was James announcing that the had made me a cup of tea should I care to join him for the football.  I am not a football fan and the matches were pretty lack luster so I was happy to continue knitting my next pair of socks.  The skys had turned dark and it looked like rain so I dashed out and retrieved my laundry  just in time for the deluge.  I put the hens to bed in their nice clean quarters and then it was time to stay indoors as the rain came down steadily.  It has continued to rain throughout the night so my last loads of washing will be dangling around the house or get put through the tumble dryer.  I fell asleep very early so consequently I am up at stupid o'clock but I think I will take myself back to bed and see if I can't get an hour or two more.  

Today we are due for out six monthly visit to the dentist and hopefully it will be just the usual scale and polish job.  Our dentist is an hours drive away but he is a really good man and so worth the journey.

I think I will continue the rice theme and make a kedgeree for today - every body likes it and once the component parts are done it is largely an assembly job so nice and easy to prepare.  I have been getting some really beautiful undyed smoked haddock from the fish monger which make for a very nice dish.

When I had a little tot up of the meals from the expensive chicken I discovered that for a layout of some £12, I had managed to make 10 meals and 6 dog meals which actually makes it very economical.  Tomorrow my veg box arrives and the contents is looking good.

  • new potatoes
  • bunched carrots
  • onions
  • summer greens
  • courgettes
  • complimentary parsley
  • salad pack
  • portobello mushrooms
  • vine tomatoes
To this list I can add another picking of broad beans from the garden so we are going to have some nice things this week.

The car has its major service this week which means changing cam belts etc however landrover come and collect the car and return it when it is done so it is not much of a trauma until you have to pay the bill.  We have a sort of budget plan which we pay every month so the bill doesn't cripple us when it arrives.  Talking of things financial Mike has commandeered my iPad and when I mentioned that I would be taking it with me on my holiday he went into melt down and told me I would have to buy myself another one as he couldn't face a week without it. Well I for one will not be complaining I don't mind a new one and I am pleased that he has taken to it like a duck to water where he has avoided the computer for many years the iPad is just up his street.  So I guess a trip to Blue Water and the apple shop is in order some time this week.

And on that happy note I am back off to bed to try and grab a bit more sleep.......

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