Thursday morning

Jumbo socks finally finished and they fit.

Mike put them on to model them and those of you who are observant will note how thin one of his legs has become since the problems with his hip and knee.  Anyway Jeff was pleased and will be on gun cleaning duty for some time in lieu of payment.  We were so lucky with out shooting expedition as the weather was a bit of a mixed bag.  As luck would have it we were able to get round dry and though there was one little shower it passed over quickly.  I shot rather well so I was pleased with myself.  Once home I had prepared a cold lunch of chicken and an assortment of salads with some hot new potatoes with butter pepper and chives.  Supper was equally easy with the leftovers put in a french stick and then chopped into portions.  The carcass along with some others from the freezer have been put through the soup pot so today when I pick over the bones the dogs will have a super chicken dinner and we will have some lovely soup.  I also put some pork chops through the sous vide, first I fried off an onion then anointed each chop with a little chicken stock and a sprig of sage then vac packed them individually and in they went for 6 hours at 54.5 degrees so hopefully they will be a tender as butter.

Tuc is doing well on his new analgesics which means he is very fed up with the cage rest regimen - the vet warned us not to be fooled just because he feels better the injury has not yet healed.  Sadly as he is a dog he doesn't understand that it is for his benefit and thinks it is some form of punishment.  So we have arranged a bed in front room so he can sleep in there with James so he doesn't feel banished.  I think his tenth birthday will be one to forget!!!!

The weather is dreadful at the moment with rain but at least it is not as cold as it has been - poor Shiona had a full dress rehearsal last night in the rain so all the costumes are now wet for the first performance.  Having plays outdoors in England is always a big risk and a bit of a crazy idea.  However all this rain has made the garden look very lush and full.

We have had no wonderful Jane this week as she is on holiday so I guess today I had better fill in for her and run around with the hoover and duster.  Sadly I am far to easily distracted and get bogged down in cleaning things that I spot need doing instead of just getting on with the surface jobs.  I have a fair amount of crystal and glass in the dining room which could all use a wash - I work on the principle that if the shiny things are shiny then the house looks clean even if it isn't.   Anyway before I takle that job I need to clean and tidy the kitchen so I have clear sinks and draining boards.  Given the weather conditions I think today would be a good cleaning day.

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