Friday morning

A lovely white peony hiding in the deep undergrowth

What a glorious day it was yesterday all the lovely sunshine gave me the opportunity to get a bit of gardening done.  I have given the hens house a good birthday and that is all nice and clean.  The green house is weed free and all the tomatoes are tied in to their canes.  I hoofed out masses of blanket weed from the pond so all in all a very productive morning.  Basso got a thorough grooming much to his disgust and the laundry finally made it out on to the line.  As we had had such an early start we ended up with an early lunch but it was a good one of Fegato alla Veneziana [calves liver venetian style] the last of the asparagus and some crushed new potatoes with loads of butter chives and parsley.  Followed by strawberries macerated with balsamic vinegar and sugar and doused in double cream.  After such a sumptuous lunch we just had some cheese on toast for supper but not before we had all had a nice snooze in the sunshine.

I managed to get James into the shower for the first time and that was a real pleasure for him I have never quite understood why a good wash makes you feel so much better.  Today he is of to Pembury in an ambulance to have his pelvis X rayed and see the consultant and we are hopeful that he will be allowed to mobilise at last.  That is going to be a long hard struggle as you can imagine he is a weak as a kitten not having been on his feet for three months.  The temptation to over do things will be huge so I think I will have to act as a brake!!!  

Now, while I love my landrover for its ability to go anywhere and carry all my dogs and stuff and tow the caravan, it is an expensive thing to own.  It seems that every time it needs something done there is no change out of £500.  This service and clean came in at £1200 but fortunately we have a monthly plan so we were left with only some £400 to pay.  It was a major service with cam belt change etc never the less it is still shed loads of money considering there was nothing wrong with the car.  The next thing will be tyres which are getting low.  The last lot cost £600 so we are not looking forward to that.  Hopefully once that is done we should be good for another 5 years.

My new recipe book [Gok Wan] arrived and I spent a lovely evening thumbing through it trying to decide where to start.  I don't think there is a single recipe that I don't want to try so I am going to have loads of fun.  However, a trip to the oriental supermarket is in order to top up on ingredients.  I thought that I should rearrange my store cupboard to have one shelf devoted to Indian ingredients and one of Chinese that way it might make finding all the stuff a bit easier.  

It started to blow and rain at about midnight so the weather forecast was right and we are in for another period of showers, storms and rain.  It does make you appreciate the odd sunny day!!!!! but at least we are not having to spend hours watering and applying sun cream.

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