Friday morning

With all this rain the figs are swelling up well and we should have a decent crop

Yesterday was a day of two halves the morning was fine and sunny but the afternoon was wet and windy.  We had all had a ropey night so there was a house ful of tired people which is not good for interpersonal relations.  For lunch we had the nasty pork chops which I had tried to improve by 6 hours in the sous vide but guess what "you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear", and though they were better they were still nasty.  As an accompaniment I had done a baked butternut squash which was tolerable but we were all left disappointed.  Thank heavens we had a super chicken soup for supper which I had made with the carcass of the good chicken and several others I had lurking in the freezer.  The dogs also had their fill of chicken bits off the carcasses so in the end we were all happy.  Chicken soup cures all ills and should be available on the NHS.  Tuc is still pretty rocky on his legs but has taken to his rest regimen reasonably well so long as he has company.  We have made him a bed in James bedroom [which used to be our sitting-room] so they can keep each other company.  This morning we will run him down to the vet and get him checked over again.  I may also need to stop off at the doctors as we need some more of James pain killers which are running low.  

This morning the weather is pretty atrocious it is blowing a gale and pouring with rain so you can imagine how much we are looking forward to sitting in a field tonight watching a play.  I do hope that the amateur dramatic folk have the sense to cancel tonights performance.  Anyway, we are heading off to Shiona's at about three this afternoon clutching our wet weather gear, thermal underwear and chairs just in case they decide to go ahead.  I don't think champagne and strawberries will be in order it is more likely that we will need scotch broth and blankets.  I do feel so sorry for the actors who have been rehearsing since March.  

I had a bit of a blitz around the house yesterday in Janes absence and used the steam cleaner on the kitchen floor which does a really good job.  I must admit that pushing the hoover around is not what my back needs so it was just a very quick pass over to make the place look respectable.  The laundry ended up in the tumble dryer as there was no chance of getting it outside.  As I type this I have realised that it is still in the dryer so I had better go and retrieve it.  I may see if James can manoeuvre the iron if I put the board down low more to give him something to do than to help me.  The chickens I think should be kept in as there will be no one to put them to bed tonight and they are too stupid to stay out of the rain.  

Have a good day if you can and try to stay dry!!!!!

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