Friday Morning

Yesterday morning I was up at the crack of dawn and spent a lovely hour in the garden fiddling and weeding.  Dawn is such a lovely part of the day and often missed by most people.  It is one of the few advantages of my very strange sleeping patterns.  Once we were all up we made a plan for the day so that we could run all the errands in some sort of sensible order.  First it was a trip to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for James.  Both Shiona and I agreed that he looks very pale and sickly so I purchased a bottle of tonic which seems to contain the entire flora of the british countryside which will certainly do him no harm and may boost his minerals and vitamins.  After months of hospital food I am sure he is depleted in iron and vitamins. Then it was on to the post office to pick up an undelivered parcel which had me completely mystified as I was not expecting anything. As it turned out it was a lovely red lanyard for my second whistle which Sandy must have bought me so I must remember to ring and thank her.  That done we took the dogs for a long walk right across the top of the north downs over looking Chatham and had a look at the very impressive naval memorial which can be seen for miles around.

Tuc refused to join us as he is still suffering with his back and chose to stay at home but the other four dogs had a grand time cavorting through the long grass.  That done we were off to the butcher where we replaced the chipolatas we had eaten the day before only to find that they were in the process of making some wonderful garlic sausages the smell of which was quite irresistible.  Both Shiona and I had to buy some to try.  I also bought a piece of sirloin to roast and shed loads of mince to restock my bolognese sauce supply and also to make a few meat balls.  I have put a large order into Sainsbury for delivery which is for all the heavy stuff like fizzy water and bottles of wine.  That will arrive between 1-2pm this afternoon.  Then it was on to the fish monger where I bought a nice crab which I will pick for lunch today and some more of the smoked haddock for the freezer.  Shiona stocked up on brown shrimps which she is going to pot and a couple of lovely trout.  This all accomplished it was home for lunch which was some rather cheap and nasty lamb steaks which I had put to marinade before we left home.  With them we had some sweet potato wedges cooked in the halogen oven and a nice salad of courgette ribbons.

After lunch Shiona left for home and I crashed out in bed and slept for a good two hours.  We had the garlic sausages with eggs and beans for supper and they were as we expected really wonderful.  I will have to buy more of these as a standby for the freezer I think they would make the most wonderful sausage and kidney casserole.

Today Mike is going to take a ride to Faversham and restock on coffee and no doubt he will find some good things that we cannot live without!!!!

This will make you laugh Anne I spent a large part of my childhood in Ashtead in Surrey so as you can imagine I never got to Polesden Lacey which is just down the road.  Similarly I have been in the Medway towns for 30 years and have yet to visit Rochester castle even though I have driven past it thousands of times.  

The weather today is supposed to be poor so it will be a good day for a cookathon and freezer restock and picking the crab will take me about an hour but I know it will be worth it.

Have a good day all and lets hope the weather is not too awful for all the jubilee celebrations.....


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