Bank holiday Monday

Good job I took this shot before the deluge as I am sure the poor roses will be pretty battered about now.

Yesterday was a truly miserable day as far as the weather was concerned we watched the flotilla make its way up the Thames from the comfort of our dry living room and admired the great fortitude of the British to brave the weather and enjoy themselves anyway.  The jubilee river pageant was quite a spectacle and of course went off without a hitch.  However, later in the evening we watched "All the Queens Horses" from Windsor castle and what a spectacle that was, tracing the Queens journeys overseas. There were riders and horses from all corners of the globe.   I am not a royalist by nature but I must admit that as we have a queen then this one has been pretty good and she has done this country proud, far and wide, for the last 60 years.  There is no leader of any other country who can match her.

First thing in the morning the weather was not too bad so I gave the hens a good clean out and then got stuck into making lunch which was a piece of Sirloin - well as luck would have it it was tough and pretty horrid so we made do with the roast potatoes, asparagus and red wine gravy accompaniments.  The meat will not go to waste as it will get minced and made into cottage pies.  I had intended to press it and have it cold but it is only good for mincing.  Very disappointing!!!!  We really could have used a decent lunch to lift our spirits.  The cold light of day was dawning on James and it broke my heart to seem him so low. Tuc too was very miserable and while he is showing no other signs of illness he is very reluctant to move so I can only assume that he is in pain.  For supper we grazed on the fridge contents and strawberries and cream and all went off to bed early to watch TV.  I am quite pleased with myself as I have finally turned the heal on the second of the huge socks so the end is in sight.

The weather today is supposed to brighten up but at the moment it is hosing down with rain and a paltry 10 degrees.  I have a beautiful free range chicken in the freezer and today I will roast it and hope it makes a better meal than yesterdays beef.  So I had better go and get it out now or it will not defrost in time for supper let alone lunch even with the aid of the microwave.  I have a fair amount of stale bread around so I feel a bread and butter pudding coming on.  It is very definitely not the weather for salad!!!! comfort is what is required.

If you are attending celebrations today lets hope you have a better day for it.......
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