Wednesday morning

 Dwarf beans at one end and peas at the other end of the newly planted bed. Broad beans going well in the back bed and onions and shallots in the foreground

 Runner beans on one side of the frame and borlotti the other.

Ten tomato plants along the sides and two parsleys plants at the far end

Yesterday was one of accomplishments the vegetable garden is all up and running as planned with both the peas and beans planted.  Mark cleared the bed of spinach and put three barrow loads of compost into it which should give the veg a good start.  The parsley got planted in the green house and lots of other chores got done.  The beds all got changed and the washing machine worked overtime and everything dried and is now awaiting ironing.  It makes you feel really good when you get so much done and while I was in the cleaning mode I stripped some shelving in the kitchen and cleaned that too.  Isn't it amazing what a bit of sunshine can do to lift the spirits.

Today is a shooting day and I hope the good weather holds for that.  Shiona is coming over early so we will have coffee then set off to the shooting ground and see if I can shoot a bit better than I did last time.  My back while sore is nowhere near as bad as it was last week so I may shoot a bit better this time.  As for lunch and supper I dont have the foggiest idea but I do have a load of sweet potatoes so they may make some decent wedges to have with something.  I will have to get my thinking cap on and try to come up with something.  I used to function much better when I had made a menu for the week so perhaps I should try to go back to that system.

Anyway while it is cool the ironing is beckoning so I had better make a start on that all this washing is all very well but it does create loads of ironing as well.

Have good day all and enjoy the slightly lower temperatures.....

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