Wednesday morning

Yesterdays tart which contained asparagus bacon and three types of cheese not to mention 5 eggs and some creme fraiche and a sprinkling of parsley.  As you can imagine there is not a crumb left it got well and truly demolished at lunch time.  I pre fried the bacon but the rest of the ingredients went in raw which meant that the asparagus still had a little crunch to it and gave a nice texture contrast to the cheese custard.

The weather started off really dull and windy in the early part of the morning but by lunch time we had lovely sunshine and it was very warm.  I was desperate to go and plant my tomatoes but had to restrain myself as my back is really playing up badly and it didn't seem to be a sensible thing to do.  Jane came and did her stuff with the hoover and I got a couple of loads of washing out and dry and ready for ironing.

Today Jeff is coming over and we are hoping to go shooting but I must admit my back woke me a couple of times in the night and is really pretty miserable so I am not sure if I will be going.  I have finished his socks but I am not convinced that they will be big enough.

Manoeuvring a wheel chair is not the best treatment for bad backs......Our house is not designed with wheel chairs in mind and there are lots of little steps which have to be got over.  Even the half inch rise between the kitchen tiles and dining room carpet is enough to stop the wheels dead and while James manages very well he does need the odd bit of help.

Mark the gardener is coming today and I hope he will be able to tidy up the vegetable garden where the hens have made a mess.  I also need the canes erected for my runner beans so that they can be planted out soon.  I believe that we are in for good weather today so at least we won't get rained off.

The potted wisteria is looking splendid but as you can see the slugs are making a meal of my hostas and the winter pansies are still flowering their socks off.  The have to be the best value for money ever.

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