Wednesday morning

Honesty in bloom

Yesterday was the first peaceful day in many months the weather was miserable in the morning but Mark came none the less and got stuck into sorting out the chicken run which has been flooding.  Frankly I am surprised the hens haven't got webbed feet.  Anyway, we now have a couple of nice 'soak aways' to let the water run off and until they make a mess of it they should stay nice and dry.  Jane came and gave the house the once over so that too is looking a bit better.  I stripped off all the beds so I now have a mountain of washing to get through and the chair covers in the sitting room are also due for a wash so the machine is going full tilt.  The weather is too poor to risk drying outside so I have succumbed to using the tumble dryer as well as the indoor drying rack.  I also made a few phone calls and managed to get my gas and electricity bills reduced as well as the telephone and broadband.  As Tesco says every little helps.  There is nothing like threatening to leave to find that they can reduce the prices.  Virgin are going to put me in one of their new super hubs which will replace the modem and router and reduce some of the tangle of wires behind the computer.

I am trying to eat out of the freezer to reduce that a little as I am expecting guests in a week or so and will need to get my chefs hat on for that.  I have plenty of time to think out a decent menu and make some preparations in advance so that I can enjoy their company and not spend the whole time in the kitchen. 

Today  Shiona will be joining us for dinner then staying over night ready to go shooting on Thursday morning which according to the weather forecast is supposed to be horrendous.  It seems that every time we decide to go shooting the weather turns nasty.  However we are determined to go anyway and if it is very wet we will shoot "down the line" which involves standing inside a shed so we can at least stay dry.  

My first job of the day will be to put the bins out and do the the dog poo in the garden so I am glad it is dry at the moment.  That will have to wait until it is light so in the mean time I can get on with some of the mountain of ironing I have created.  Then I think a nice long walk is called for.  On Monday Sandy is coming over and we are going to go to the big field and do some dog training which will be great as Basso has done no work since the end of the shooting season in February.  His international fame has brought him no remuneration so he will still have to earn a living and cannot afford to sit back on his laurels.

Have a good day all and if you have the ear of the head gardener please ask for a dry day on Thursday so I can go shooting......
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