Wednesday morning

We are entering a new phase.  The wheelchair was delivered by the Red Cross at about 2pm and we collected James at around 4pm.  We had great fun getting him into the house on crutches as he finds great difficulty getting up the various steps.  The wheelchair manoeuvres around the down stairs relatively well but then came getting up the stairs to the bedroom.  The only way to accomplish this was to "bum shuffle" up the stairs.  How we are going to get him down this morning when he wakes heaven only knows, it is going to take some ingenuity. I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it.  What we could really do with is a stair lift.   Anyway one good thing is that he has had a peaceful night and is still sleeping which is all to the good.  When I read the discharge letter apparently his pelvis is fractured in 4 places - no wonder he has been in so much pain.  The dogs were pleased to see James back and Tuc had not left his side and has spent the night sleeping alongside him.

The onions are going down and yesterday I made an onion tart which is very delicious but so sweet that you feel it could be served with custard.  I never got round to the onion gravy so perhaps that needsI am destined to go shooting today but I must admit that I am not exactly in the mood and feeling very tired as I only had a couple of hours sleep.  Our next major hurdle is to get James to the job centre and get all the forms filled in so that he can get some financial support.  I think that can wait until tomorrow once we have got ourselves a bit more sorted out at home.

Well we have made it down the stairs "where there is a will there is a way".


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