Wednesday morning and bin day

Euphorbia polychroma

Yesterday was another horrid day with cold winds and intermittent heavy showers and hail.  I did however get my timing right and managed to do any outdoor things in the gaps between showers.  I had to go to the bakers to get some crusty rolls to go with our very odd soup.  Basically I just blitzed the remaining spinach with the sauce and vegetables from the previous meal then added the chopped ham.  It looked pretty lurid green but tasted fine.  For supper I broke out one of the packs of bolognese sauce which is always a nice easy supper.  

The iphone 4 has finally arrived, now all we have to do is go to Bluewater and get them to put the sim card from James old phone into the new phone and we should be up and running and back to where we were in February.  The iphone doesn't take the usual size of sim card of course so it will need to be cut down to size.  Can you believe it has taken this long to get a lost phone replaced.  I think it would be a good idea to have this one separately insured just in case.  There is no way I am going through this performance again.  

Today is supposed to be the best day of the week so we are hoping to go shooting this morning but I feel we may need our thermal underwear on as it is perishingly cold at 4 degrees.  My first job of the day, once it is light, is to get the stuff out for the bin men and there is plenty of stuff as we have all the cardboard wrapping from the bed etc to put out for recycling.  I didn't dare put it out last night just in case we had another downpour; can you imagine the soggy mess?  I also need to have a motor round the garden with the poop scoop and clear that too.   

I took some pigs kidneys out of the freezer for supper today which we will have with onions, sherry, cream and dijon mustard, accompanied by some rice.  I soak the kidneys first in some water with bicarbonate of soda and then after a rinse they are soaked with a little water and vinegar which takes the strength out of the flavour.  Then once dried they are ready for the saute pan.   Once the kidneys are prepared it is a very quick and easy dish to prepare.  

I have not heard from Jeff so I guess he is not coming shooting, however I have all but finished one of his socks.  It has taken ages to knit as it needs some 16 inches of leg to reach the knee.  He is 6'4" so I guess he needs long legs and big feet!!!  I am only too aware that I will have to knit a brother for it and I am not sure that the wool will make it so I may have to purchase another ball to complete the job.  This should not cause a problem as I should be able to get a pair of regular size socks out of the remainder.  

On that happy note I had better get into the kitchen and get the kidneys underway as the sun is just beginning to rise and I will soon be able to get out into the garden and do my Wednesday chores.   have a good one everybody......

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