Tuesday morning

Stunning burgundy colour of the new leaves on the cotinus plant [smoke bush]

All this rain we have had has made the garden really bloom and grow and all the plants are doing very well.  Now all we need is a bit of sun and warmth to make it perfect.  

Yesterday was a reasonable day if a bit dull.  I took the dogs for their usual walk and much to my surprise Basso caught a rabbit.  Which he duly brought to me as a gift, it would have been churlish to refuse so I accepted it and carried until we got to bin where I could dispose of it.  Had it been full size I  would have cooked it for him but sadly is was only a baby and not worth the effort.   

We had made multiple phone calls first thing and were surprised when a physiotherapist came to see James just after lunch.  Sadly he was unable to do anything as he too was caught between the two consultants opinions should James be mobilised to walk or not.  So in the end he just took copious notes and left.  We had booked an appointment with the GP for later in the afternoon and it was very refreshing to talk to a doctor who seemed to understand our problems and be on our side.  He agreed that we should go with the pelvic consultant and not weight bear.  He also agreed that James should see a foot specialist and has tried to refer him to one.  Now all we do is wait for a letter along with yet more form to be filled in for the department of work and pensions.  Sadly everything takes so long and requires so much effort nothing seems to be easy to accomplish or is it that I am getting tired of fighting?

Today the wonderful Jane is due and we certainly need a bit of a spruce up.  With all the house turned upside down it does make it difficult to keep it tidy and clean.  I have plans today to make a magnificent quiche with asparagus, ham and emmental cheese and to that end I made a batch of shortcrust pastry last evening and got it in the fridge to rest.  I also made a carpaccio of kohlrabi which I dressed with oil and lemon.  It is a pretty uninspiring vegetable but the salad was OK and got eaten so it must have been alright.  My vegetable box is due today so I will be restocked and can start to plan my menus around what has been delivered.  
  • potatoes  
  • onions  
  • asparagus  
  • beetroot 
  • pak choi  
  • salad pack  
  • portobello mushrooms  
  • red or green peppers  
Tomorrow Mark is due so the garden will get a going over and I hope to get the tomatoes planted in the green house and the canes erected for the runner beans.  Oh summer is coming at last!!!!

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