Tuesday Morning

The red camelia in bloom but just look at the chlorosis on the leaves; this is a plant in desperate need of some TLC

Now that James has gone elsewhere I spent most of yesterday sleeping and catching up on a bit of rest the most strenuous thing I did was to pick up my knitting needles.  After a fairly hellish 9 months the house seems so quiet.  However, I can feel a spring cleaning bout coming on as so much has been neglected in both the house and the garden.  I guess it will take a while to settle back into a routine and get my mind focused back on my life.

The long range weather forecast looks a bit hit and miss so the gardening will have to be done on the good days and the house on the wet ones.

The vegetable garden is doing fine with the exception of a few weeds the onions shallots and garlic are going like the clappers.  I think it is now time to start sorting out the green house and get some tomato plants established.

Currently it is raining but a bit warmer than yesterday when we were back down to 5 degrees.  Both Jane and Mark are due to come today but I am not sure what Mark will be able to do if it is still raining.

I think I will now go back off to bed and see if I can get a couple more hours sleep, I am sick of all these sleepless nights and really need to get back into some sort of routine.  Anyway have a good day all and lets hope the weather improves with the day light.

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