Thursday morning

What a lovely day it was yesterday bright an sunny but not too warm.  We went off shooting at around 11am and whizzed around the stands.  Although there were lots of people there we managed not to have to que too often.  It is rather nice as we are now considered regulars and all the chaps chat to us, ladies are still pretty few and far between so I suppose we are unusual.  Once home we had a very indulgent lunch of tons of asparagus with poached eggs to dip it in.

Tuc one of my terriers has had a bad back and had been quite off colour but when we decided to go for a walk he was only too pleased to come with us.  I had to lift him gingerly into and out of the car but once on his feet he was fine.  We didn't walk too far as he tired fairly quickly but he was so much more cheerful when we got home and even resumed is pre-wash duties at the dishwasher.  It just goes to show that perhaps a little gently exercise is a good thing even with a bad back!!!

We ended up having a fairly bizarre supper of a small starter of pasta with pesto and followed it with cold chipolata sausages with a tomato salad and a borlotti bean salad then rounded up with a bowl of strawberries and cream/custard.  It was a sort of fridge clearing supper but very tasty none the less.

I managed to finish one of the long socks that I am knitting for Jeff and it looks enormous but if it turns out to be too big David the next brother has the biggest feet in the family and I guess the socks will be passed on to him.  The first pair of long socks turned out to be too small so I am now looking for someone with thinner legs than Jeff.  The only problem with knitting socks is if you make one of the wrong size you still have to knit it a brother as there are not too many one legged people in my circle of friends.

As the evening drew in Shiona and I went to put the chickens to bed and then sat for while on the veranda of the end shed enjoying a glass of wine and soaking up the last rays of the sun.  The whole garden was perfumed by the philadelphus [mock orange] and the wisteria which seem to be so much more powerful at dusk.

Today I have a few errands to run and according to the weather forecast it is supposed to rain which is just what I need for my newly planted vegetables so I for one won't mind if it does.  It is one of the things I am eternally grateful for since retirement I can plan my days to match the weather and I always feel so sorry for people who are working and rely on the weekends for a bit of sunshine.  I can enjoy the sun as and when I choose and can hibernate if the weather is either too hot or raining.

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