Thursday morning

In the woodland garden is a self planted lilac which is has decided to flower.  It is so nice that I think I will nurture it to maturity.

Yesterday was a lovely day and Mark arrived to do the garden which now looks nice and tidy after the hens day out.  Their gardening skills are not up to much.  I was very ambivalent about shooting as my back was so bad and even though I decided to go I only managed 5 of the 7 stands.  But that was better than nothing.  We got home at around 2pm and had a lunch of fridge contents.  I had made a beetroot and feta cheese salad which was very nice.  I am not a lover of beetroot is is too sweet for my taste but dressed with lemon juice and olive oil and with the salty feta crumbled over it it was very much improved.  The socks, as predicted, were too small for Jeff so I will have to have another attempt and this time go for 72 stitches rather than the usual 60.  I am hoping that they will fit Sandy and if that fails they will fit Shiona.  

After lunch I was banished to bed for a sleep which I was desperately in need of and while I was sleeping Shiona went through and filled in all the forms which had just arrived.  They will now be sent off in the post this morning and then we will wait and see what happens.  In the mean time we will just muddle along as best we can.  

We decided on a chinese take away for supper which meant no work at all and even though we tried to keep the order to a minimum there is still a portion left for the dogs breakfast.  Today looks like being another hot day so we will get the dogs walked bright and early as they are not keen to walk in the mid day sun and heat.  Shiona stayed overnight so there are 5 dogs who fortunately get on very well together.  

We seem to have got James pain under control at last with a combination of drugs and alternative methods like TENS and heat.  By now the fractures should be healing and with the restricted movement hopefully they are not constantly being disrupted.  Once he is allowed to weight bear things will improve more rapidly.  As you can imagine he gets very bored and frustrated being confined to the house in a wheelchair.  

Anne I have missed your comments but I am glad that your exam is now over and wish you lots of luck with the results.  Will it be a long wait?  

Have a good day all and enjoy the first of the summer weather while it lasts.....
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