Thursday Morning

Fennel fronds just breaking through

Well the phone saga continues we took the iphone to the Apple shop at Bluewater to get the sim card sorted but they couldn't help so it was off to T mobile who were happy to change the sim to a mini until they discovered that we were not James and then we hit the data protection act yet again.  So after shooting we made a few phone calls with James and hopefully we will have the new sim either today or tomorrow then hopefully that will be an end to the whole saga.

It was a beautiful day but shooting was a disaster.  My back was playing up and I was shattered and over tired so I shot really badly and got the worst score I have had in ages.  I think I might have been better just throwing the cartridges at the clays.  Anyway, we stopped at the kebab shop on the way home and after lunch I took myself off to bed for a rest.  We had the kidneys with rice for supper and still have loads of salad left from the kebab lunch.  Today we are going to have a pasta and bolognese lunch as Shiona is still with us.  The dogs are going to do really well for breakfast as they have loads of rice and gravy not to mention dona kebab meat and pitta bread.

Today we are expecting someone from the Access team to come and visit James and try to sort out the plethora of drugs he is on.  It might help him if we can get that sorted out and get him a more sensible regimen.  He is still in a lot of pain from his pelvis and as you can imagine he is pretty depressed about the whole situation.  Then we are expecting an engineer from Virgin who is coming to instal the new home hub system which will do away with both the modem and the router.  This is all being done for free and my monthly bill has been reduced as I threatened to leave.  Why is it that you only get the best service when you are threatening, loyalty seems to count for nothing these days.  Having said that we now have a loyalty card for the kebab shop!!!!

This morning seems a little warmer at 8 degrees but I believe we are in for more rain and mayhem so we will have to judge our dog walk with care if we are not to get soaked.  I only managed 4 hours sleep last night which is not really enough so I hope I will be able to get an hours kip this afternoon.

Have a good day all and make the most of the dry weather while it lasts!!!!

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