Thursday morning

The rose 'canary bird' is in flower it is always the first to bloom

Well the peace is over, James is back with us as Zoe couldn't manage.  I did try to warn them that full time nursing care is very demanding.  We have ordered a single bed to put in the sitting-room which will arrive tomorrow.  So today we will need to remove all the occasional tables and small furniture from the room so that the suite can be pushed to one side and room made for a bed.  Poor James has been stuck in an armchair over night and hasn't slept a wink.  He is short of pain medication and that will not be ready until this evening but I will be ringing the pharmacy this morning to see if I can speed that up a bit.  I think that shooting may well get cancelled as it is blowing a gale and pouring with rain at the moment.  Having confirmed my visitors in the morning and put in a large order with Sainsbury I had to cancel them in the evening when everything changed again.  Fortunately there is nothing that will go to waste as most of the stuff can go into the freezer or store cupboard.  That too will be arriving on Friday morning.  Shiona is here which means we have two nurses to cope at the moment and she has volunteered to return back on  Friday to help with the bed assembly etc.  Needless to say my back is not appreciating all the extra work and has been giving me a quite a bit of jip.  The tidy house is now back to total chaos with wheel chairs and Zimmer frames and crutches liberally scattered around the place.  Mike had gone into a terminal decline and has a face like a slapped backside most of the time which is not exactly helpful.

Today Shiona and I will concoct a letter to our MP as something needs to be done about the situation.  The hospital should not have discharged a patient needing so much care into the hands of a pair of pensioners one of who is already disabled.  The catalogue of errors that they have perpetrated on us is vast so it will take a bit of precis to pare it down to a manageable letter rather than a novel.

Fortunately yesterday I made 3 lbs of mince into bolognese sauce so we can survive on pasta and salad  for some time.  Last night amid the chaos we decided that a take away was in order so the local chinese supplied us with quite a feast.  There was enough for the 5 humans and the dogs to have a small portion each so the 5 of them were very pleased.  I had intended to make a ginger cake for the visitors and I may just go ahead and make that so we can eat cake and tea if push comes to shove.

At least the temperature has risen and we are a bit warmer even if it is wet and miserable.  I think it is time to start making to do lists so I can keep a grip on all the things that need attention.  I had ordered a lap top for James which arrived yesterday; it is a reconditioned one and is really super and for the princely sum of just over £100 very good value for money.  We managed to get it up and running and connected to the internet so at least he can keep in contact with his friends via email which is cheaper than the phone.  It is also occupational therapy for some one stuck on bed rest and better than basket weaving!!!!  Me well I feel like Madame Defarge and just keep knitting socks!!!!

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