Thursday morning

Well we made it through yesterday, shooting got knocked on the head as Jeff got caught in the traffic on the motorway and decided that discretion was the better part of valor and turned round and went home.  I must confess I was not at all unhappy about it as I was rather too tired to be enthusiastic.

We had a little run around in the morning doing a few chores and I rang the various agencies to see what sort of care package had been put in place for James discharge.  Now I know that this will not surprise you but there was absolutely nothing arranged.  Apparently we are now to expect a visit from the rapid response team but I am not holding my breath.  We have an appointment at Pembury hospital fracture clinic on Friday which is going to be quite a performance.

At least it is a brand spanking new hospital lets hope the care is just as new and wonderful.  I spent the last few years of my working career on this site; in the school of nursing, which was an accumulation of nissen huts.  However, the grounds were lovely and we had squash courts, a badminton hall and a swimming pool.  All of which I would like to bet have ceased to exist.  It was a lovely place to work and in the summer we used to swim every lunch hour.  There was no air conditioning but numerous french windows which opened on to the garden which made for a very pleasant and happy atmosphere.

For lunch yesterday we ate the remaining onion tart with some stewed peppers with garlic and for dinner there was a shepherds pie from the freezer served with nice buttered cabbage.  I will have to have a trawl around in the freezer this morning as I have not got a clue what will be on todays menu.
Both James and I were up at 3 am and he is now ensconced in the lounge wrapped in a sleeping bag where I hope he may doze off to sleep.

The weather today is supposed to be terrible so I expect we will hibernate indoors, Mike is going to take Zoe to get a matteres for the bed at her house so that when James is able he can move in there.  At the moment he still needs 24 nursing care and I would be reluctant to let him move there.  Zoe is out at work much of the time so there would be no one to help him.  This is where the care package should fit in and help should be available.

Hope you have a good day and dont get too wet!!!


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