Sunday morning

Fremontodendron californicum

Well yesterday was a relatively good day.  James and Zoe went to Bluewater to get the final wrinkles ironed out of the iphone saga and it is now fully functional and all the data that was on the cloud is now back on the phone.  It is a wonderful system if only you can get the thing to work.  The youngsters in the Apple shop really make you feel inadequate as they seem to do things so easily and what has taken you 5 hours to work out is just done in a flash.  I think all the additional movement has done James no good at all as he has been in terrible pain all night and we are all but out of Oramorph which seems to be the only thing to kill the pain sufficiently to allow him to sleep.

The weather stayed mainly dry and I was able to get the hens cleaned out and a bit of work done in the greenhouse but by lunch time I was feeling pretty rough and took to my bed for a knitting session.  I find that sitting on the side of my bed is the ideal place to knit without causing my back any problems. I know that this sounds crazy but it seems to work.

For lunch I made a dried mushroom risotto followed by some egg and breadcrumbed pieces of pork fillet and broccoli.  Sadly the fillet was very dry and may as well have been cardboard however with a dab of mayonnaise it was edible.   Supper was yet another dose of the pasta and bolognese sauce which has been a real boon.  I must make sure that I have plenty of sauce in the freezer for future days when I really don't feel much like cooking.  I have packed the sauce in vac bags which means that they can be heated in the same water that the pasta is boiled in.  This means only one pan, the cheese grater and a couple of plates to wash up.  Very minimal work for a filling and comforting meal.

Today the weather is supposed to turn nasty again but I would like to get the dogs out for a run so I think I should do that early while it is still dry.  As far as food is concerned I am bereft of ideas - I have a butternut squash which I could make into soup but I may have to take a run to the shops for some inspiration.  The butcher in Dobbies has lamb chops at £10 for 2 kilos which is really good value and the small green grocer where I walk the dogs has some nice asparagus so that might be a solution.  I do find it really difficult to come up with menus if I am not in the mood to cook.

We are hopeful that James flat might sell as the estate agent has taken 4 people to view it.  He could really use some money in the bank as we have not yet managed to squeeze a cent out of any of the government organisations.  On Monday we must have a concerted effort to get them kicked into touch and at least get some unemployment benefit for him.  Not having a knowledge of the benefit system is a real disadvantage in these circumstances.

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