Sunday morning

Fresh new growth on the Korean fir

Yesterday was yet another glorious day with warm sunshine and I even managed to get a load of washing dry in garden.  The hens got a good clean out and I even managed to pull a few weeds.  The leg of lamb left overs were converted into a magnificent shepherds pie which we had for supper as lunch had been rather light with just a small dover sole and some salad. The soles had been caught in the Medway the night before and we are likely to get more of them as the water being abstracted higher up the river allows more salt water into the estuary and with it come the soles.  I made the ginger cake but was unhappy with the results as it contained a fair amount of black treacle, the flavour of which permeated the cake.  However, the one person who liked it was James and he has managed to eat half of it.  The bed has proved a real god send and he has slept for hours at a time both during the day and through the night.  Which has resulted in much better temper and less frustration all round.  We took the toilet door off its hinges so that the wheel chair can go through without removing the paint work.  Today we are going to have a real ablution ceremony which is going to prove interesting but he will no doubt feel better for a good wash.  Sadly the shower and bath are upstairs and out of reach so it will be bowls and jugs for a hair wash.  We have the medication under control and can keep him largely out of pain which has allowed him to sleep.  This is all basic nursing care not rocket science and what was missing from the care he received in hospital.

Today for lunch we have some chicken pieces which I will roast in the halogen oven along with some chipolatas and a few spuds.  Not exactly a Sunday roast but we had that earlier in the week.  Hopefully I will have time to take the dogs for a good run which does us all good; they enjoy the exercise and I enjoy the peace.  My back is still complaining but has not actually hampered my activities too much and once I get going it seems to improve.

I completed yet another pair of socks yesterday and have started a pair I am knitting for Jeff which need to be knee length so that is going to take a bit longer as I need 15 inches before I start the heel turn.  Joy is quite right when she says that sock knitting is addictive.......

Have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine
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