Sunday Morning

It is still so cold this morning it is only 5 degrees.  It was pretty chilly yesterday when I took the dogs out and the mud was very slippery.  A couple of times I nearly came a cropper but managed to stay vertical.  Anyway the dogs enjoyed it which was the object of the exercise.  The poor hens are living in a quagmire and I spent some time in the morning cleaning them out and trying to make their accommodation a bit more comfortable with plenty of nest material and dry saw dust under foot.  I havent seen a long range weather forecast but it feels like we are still in for more rain and cold.  I think a little warmth and sun would lift all our spirits.

The sausage and macaroni cheese dish turned out to be a great success.  I the cooked chipolatas on the bottom of the dish and covered them with a layer of saute onions then put the macaroni cheese on top of that and baked it in the oven until the top was crisp and brown.  The starter of asparagus and buerre noisette went down well and it is so nice to be into the summer vegetables once again.  We ended up having dessert as dinner and the bread and butter pudding was very tasty.  As you know I am not a sweet toothed person but the warm custard middle of the pudding was very comforting.

Today for lunch we are going to have some of the wonderful veal chops that I bought on our last visit to Suffolk.  This very unassuming frontage hides the fact that it used to be a railway station and that behind the butchers counter is the platform with people waiting for the next train.  Their meat is very good and very popular so it is usually fairly packed and one of the few places that you can find decent veal. It also doubles up as the local taxi rank a most intriguing use of an old station I think.

Anyway the chops will be cooked in the oven with some rosemary, garlic, butter and lemon zest and served with a nice pile of mashed potatoes and a some spinach which I will pick from the garden.

I had a small panic yesterday as I had finished my last pair of socks so Mike took pity on me and went a bought me a couple of balls of wool so that I could continue my occupational therapy!!!!  I find that if I have some knitting to do it makes me sit down for a while otherwise I just seem to find endless jobs that need doing and get exhausted.

Well here is hoping for a generally peaceful day with a bit of sunshine.

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