Saturday morning

A bit late this morning I was up at three but James too was up and on the computer so as soon as the light was sufficient I went off up the garden and got stuck in.  So on the have done list so far I have planted the tomatoes in the green house and made sure it was weed free.  Then it was on with the beans.  I have planted one side of the frame with runner beans and the other with climbing borlotti so hopefully that should be enough for us for the summer.  The hens have been fed, watered, cleaned out and eggs collected.  One load of washing is ready to hang out and the last lot has been ironed so quite a lot accomplished in the first few hours of the day.  The red camellia had greened up for a good feed and the yellow leaves have diminished.  My next job is to take my secateurs and have a go at the apricot tree which seems to be suffering some sort of wilt/blight.

Yesterday I managed to get all the nets washed and rehung as well as the shower curtain and I also got the dogs beds laundered and dry before evening.  In the kitchen I made two large shepherds pies and a deconstructed one for lunch.  For supper we had some interesting sausages which apparently are illegal as they are made with a home brewed beer so health and safety would go mad.  Fortunately, we are fine  and the sausages were really delicious you could really taste the beer flavour.

Today for lunch I think we will probably have croque monsieur and then for supper some sort of rice stir-fry dish as I have a large chunk of ginger, pak choi and peppers and mushrooms lurking in the fridge.  If I do enough rice we could have kedgeree tomorrow for lunch made with the smoked haddock I bought the other day.

On the knitting front I have two different pairs of socks on the go one pair for me and one for Jeff as I suspected the previous pair were too small so I have started a much larger pair for him.  Having two pairs on the go is quite nice as when I get bored with knitting one I can change to the other.

Well onward and upward off to the apricot tree and to hang out the washing.  Have a good weekend and make the most of the glorious weather this could be summer!!!!!
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