Saturday morning

This is pretty duff photo of the field where I walk the dogs - what is it supposed to show is that the whole area of the photo was actually a pale shade of blue as it is covered in forget-me-nots.  I took the photo with my phone as I dont often take the camera with me on dog walks. 

Once the dogs were happy we set of to Maidstone to the little nursery where I got loads of tomato plants, ranging from tumbler varieties to San Marzano plums and beef steak.  As I bought ten plants I was given two for free so I now have 12 in all.  I also bought some runner beans and some climbing borlotti beans which I will have to plant out fairly soon. The nursery green houses were stuffed with hundreds of plants and I suddenly wished I had a couple of acres to plant things in.  Anyway the plants are all safely tucked up in the green house and yesterday evening I put up the canes which will support the tomatoes as they grow.  The soil in the green house is very dry so it will need watering daily for a while before I put the plants in.

James was collected and taken to the fracture clinic where he was seen by an upper limb consultant who basically said he will be in pain for the rest of his life but he can walk on the smashed foot.  This is in direct contradiction to the consultant who is looking after his pelvis who said he should be non weight bearing.  We were sent a copy of the letter sent to the hospital which stated just that, so presumably not only does he not know about lower limbs but cannot read either.  Sorry for the sarcasm but I just despair!!!! The one thing that did work well was the ambulance service who fetched him and brought him back.  While he was away it gave me an opportunity to give the room the once over with the hoover and change the bed sheets so that it was all nice a pristine when he returned.  By some miracle I got the sheets washed and dried on the line and back in before it started to rain.

Today should be a quiet day we are supposed to go to this 90th birthday party but the dear old lady has been re-admitted to hospital with a chest infection.  However, she wants the party to go ahead as planned as she has a son over from America and a daughter over from New Zealand.  We will go along but it is all going to be very strange as we don't know any of them.  Hopefully there will be some of the other neighbours who we do know.  I do really hate this sort of gathering and buffet tables are completely irresistible to me even if it is only bowls of crisps and nuts.  You have no idea how much I can demolish in a very short space of time!!!!  Somehow my hands and mouth manage to completely by pass my brain and act totally independently.

The weather is supposed to be OK for today but tomorrow is going to be very wet and miserable so I had better get the outdoor jobs, like cleaning out the hens, done today.


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