Saturday morning

What a lovely day yesterday was at last a bit of sun and warmth.  My order from Sainsbury turned up on time and I made preparations for lunch and got all the stuff put away.  James and Mike were at hammer and tongs when the phone rang and the bed delivery people rang to say the bed was out of stock but they would have it by mid June.  I don't think the poor chap knew what had hit him as I just exploded with sheer frustration.  It was at this point that Shiona and Keith arrived.  Shiona being an astute person realised that I had just about reached breaking point and promptly took me out to buy a bed leaving Mike Keith and James to sort out the room in anticipation.  We have an industrial estate about half a mile from home and there there are about 6 furniture shops so we went from one to the other until we found the cheapest bed frame.  It was duly loaded into the car and we took it back to the men.  The leg of lamb was put into the oven and we then took the computer to the laptop people to see if we could get the external hard drive to function.  I was really pleased that it turned out to be a mechanical fault and not some idiocy of mine.  That done we returned home just as the meat was due out of the oven.  A large tray of Aunt Bessies roast potatoes were put in the oven and we went and made up the bed for James.  He promptly climbed into it and passed out to sleep where he stayed until 7pm.  After days of sleepless nights he was exhausted and slept like a baby.  We didn't bother him with lunch and just put his on a plate for later.  We loaded up the dishwasher and then the put the 5 dogs in the car and went for a lovely walk in the sun shine.  The dogs had a ball and as the tide was in they had a swim, chased the rabbits in the field and generally had a lovely time.  Then it was back home for a cup of tea.  Shiona and Keith were off home but not before I had given them a couple of dover soles which I had ordered from the fish monger.  They had been caught in the Medway the previous evening so they were very fresh and ours are in the fridge for lunch today.  For supper we just had a huge plate of english asparagus drowned in browned butter.  James had woken by this time and was a different person; the sleep had done a good job but I was fading fast.  I settled him with his computer so that he could transfer his data and I was off to bed where I too slept like the dead.

Shiona and Keith had done a sterling job for which I will be eternally grateful.  We are now set up to cope a bit better.  I rang the estate agent and she was happy to receive photocopies of James identification given the circumstances.  Thank heavens for just a little bit of sanity...  At last a few things are coming together and we are beginning to see a little daylight.

I woke at 3am this morning but I had been asleep since 9pm so that is plenty and I feel in much better spirits.  My back is still complaining but I am sure that will resolve itself with some rest.  James is once again sound asleep which is all to the good.  The house is a bit chaotic but lots of stuff got put into the loft out of the way and we can manage with the wheel chair with a bit less furniture around the place.

Today for lunch we are going to have the dover soles and then the left over lamb will be made into a shepherds pie for supper so that takes care of todays menu.  I had planned to make a ginger cake so I think I will go ahead and do that.  Cake is always useful to fill odd gaps.  I also have some fruit which I will vac pack and sous vide as that too is always handy.  As it is the weekend all the paper work is on hold and can wait for Monday morning.

Lets hope this nice weather holds for the weekend it certainly makes you feel a bit better to see a bit of sunshine.......
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