Saturday morning

Yesterday was a long one spent at the at the very posh new hospital at Pembury where further X rays were taken and then came the consultant who said that James should not be weight bearing yet and should be confined to the wheel chair.  Needless to say he took this quite badly and when he was informed that his pelvis would take between 3-6 months to heal he took a further nose dive.  Anyway we will just have to muddle along as best we can.  On the way home we spotted a sign to a farm shop selling the first asparagus of the season so we diverted and bought a couple of bundles which will be for lunch today.  Zoe had very kindly offered to make supper for us and we were delighted to accept.  She had made a lovely chicken and broccoli ring in puff pastry with sweet potato chips followed by a nice lemon cake so we were well fed and a least I didn't have to do anything or even think about it.  I have a stale baguette which I think I will make into a bread and butter pudding and there are some sausages in the fridge which need to be eaten so I think they may well be added to a macaroni cheese which should keep us going for the day.  The weather is still miserable but the dogs could use a walk so come rain or shine I will have a nice long walk as I could use a bit of space for myself also.

Have a good day all and enjoy the weekend as best you can....
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