Sunday morning

The potted wisteria is a real picture at the moment.

Yesterdays gardening exertions have take their toll on my back which is pretty sore this morning but I am pleased none the less as the jobs really needed doing and I had held off as long as I dared.  I  have also planned to convert the veg bed that is currently filled with spinach to one with peas and dwarf french beans but I am hoping that Mark will do the lions share of that work.  The old spinach plants will make a tasty treat for the hens.

Mike went off to have his hair cut and while he was out I gave James a good wash which requires buckets and jugs and loads of towels but he felt better for a really decent wash.  Hopefully it will not be too long before he can manage the shower.  He was also pleased to received an appointment to see the foot specialist which is a step in the right direction, excuse the pun!! So things are at last going in the right direction and we all feel more hopeful.  

My labours in the kitchen turned out well and after a very light and early lunch I was pleased that I had done all the preparation for the evening chinese extravaganza.  We ended up with a plateful of food for the small amount of bacon and one small packet of king prawns.  We all expected to be hungry later in the evening but somehow it seemed to last us well.  I did sufficient rice to have some for the kedgeree which is on the lunch menu today.  Mike also bought a piece of loin of pork which I am intending to do as char sui pork following the Gok Wan method but will need to lay in some ingredients first.  I need yellow bean sauce and hoi sin sauce both of which have run out and are needed for the marinade.

I think that the sunshine has raised all our spirits and we are all feeling more positive.  It is so nice to spend the day with the doors and windows flung open.  The dogs rather missed out yesterday so today I need to get them out early before the heat builds as they don't really appreciate walking when it is hot. Then as the lunch is all but done I intend to spend some time on myself, my hair is being cut on Monday but I think a day of bath and pampering is in order, a sort of 10,000 mile service.  I am not good at wearing gloves in the garden so my hands tend to suffer and get a bit engrained with soil.  

Have a good Sunday all, what are you going to have for lunch today?

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