Pinch punch

I can hardly believe we are already in May.  What ever happened to April?  The month has whizzed by in fog of frustration and bewilderment.  Today I am trapped in doors waiting for the delivery of a wheel chair from the Red Cross but then James friend and I are planning an escape from stalag Medway.  Once we have a set of wheels we can get James out of the hospital, and back to the civilised world.  Yesterday I took Basso in to the hospital grounds and he and James were reunited which was a touching scene.

It was sunny and lovely and the dogs had just had a nice walk and were happy and quiet.  You don't want a bouncing 40 kg if you have a damaged body.  James sent the ward manager into complete meltdown when he asked to see his notes.  Apparently they have to be sanctioned by a consultant who was not there so it will take 24 hours.  Legally this is rubbish he has every right to see his notes but I would like to bet there will be a bit of REDACTING going on before he is able to see them.  After yet another frustrating day trying to arrange things I finally put pen to paper and wrote to our MP.  I don't think there a stone left unturned and I have done all that I can to sort out this bureaucratic nightmare.

On the cooking front I made several jars of onion marmalade and still I have hardly made a dent in the sack of onions!!!!  Today I thought I would make a bucketful of onion gravy to freeze and a large pan of sweated onions, carrots and celery ready for assorted dishes which start with that as a base.

Looking around the garden I noticed that everything has shot up, including the weeds, all this rain and sun has made the garden very lush and verdant.  I really need to spend some time weeding before the weeds turn to seed.  "One years seeding, 7 years weeding" is no exaggeration.  However, at the moment we are back to rain and wind, it is absolutely pouring down and blowing a gale.  I think my chances of shooting tomorrow are not looking good.

Anne the course sounds great and what a feast you had.  It is my experience with Italian cookery that it uses few ingredients but they must be of good quality and be prepared with love and care.  After all what could be nicer than an insalta caprese just tomato, mozzarella, basil and olive oil a marriage made in heaven.

And on that note I am off to peel and chop a few ONIONS.  Have a good one all.

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