Monday morning

One very lucky wood pigeon who was busy eating the buds off my tree - but I was not in the mood for a pigeon breast salad.  I was feeling so much better yesterday following some decent sleep so the pigeon survived and I got going good and early.  I was showered dressed and out of the house by 9 am to walk the dogs before the weather turned nasty.  Then I was at the doors of Tesco at 10 am as they opened and had a nice buz round and restocked on some essentials.  My life has been too chaotic to make bread recently so I have had to resort to supermarket bread when I can't get to the baker.    I must admit that it is difficult to find a decent loaf that is not sweet tasting.  For lunch I had already made some butternut squash soup and to go with it I made some scotch eggs which I cooked in the oven and served with a nice pile of coleslaw.  A bit of a strange Sunday lunch but we had had roast leg of lamb earlier in the week.  For supper we had a croque monsieur made with a ciabatta loaf some nice ham and emmental cheese all cooked in the halogen oven.  We still have some of the soup left so that will form part of todays lunch along with some pork chops.

I had let the chickens out bright and early and when Mike went to put them to bed in the evening he found that I had not shut the gate properly.  The hens had had a lovely day in the vegetable garden doing some weeding and removing the soil from the beds and putting it all over the paths.  It looks a bit of mess but is nothing that a bit of broom work will not cure.  Anyway with any luck they will have stripped the garden of slugs and snails which is all to the good.  The forecast rain and mayhem never occurred and we were left with a generally dull day however the wind was straight from Siberia and very cold.  Apparently we are in for a bit of heat wave this coming week but I will believe it when I see it.

Today we have a long list of phone calls to make to see if we can't get this welfare state to work in our favour for once.  James had a couple of incidents of severe pain yesterday but with some judicious positioning,  hot water bottles and the TENS machine we managed to get round them without the use of the morphine which has run out.   I had also downloaded a meditation app, which I found really daft, but I have to admit that I have never heard the end of it as it sends me to sleep every time.  James downloaded it to his phone and found that he too was asleep in moments.  Don't laugh but James has been referred to a physiotherapist at long last, so I hope he will be able to help him regain some strength in his legs which have been out of action for a couple of months.  However, we are not holding our breath we don't actually have an appointment yet.  The idiot consultant he saw on Friday actually suggested he put on a trainer and walk out leaving the wheel chair behind.  He cannot actually stand unaided let alone walk so we have taken his prognosis of a life of pain as equally uninformed.  Lets hope we get more sense out of the pelvic consultant if he can be bothered to spend more than one minute with us.

I have no actual plans for today other than to keep this show on the road and keep everyone fed watered and happy.  We are living one day at a time at the moment so there is no point in planning too far ahead.

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