Monday morning

The huge white scented flowers of wisteria venusta

Yesterday was yet another day of glorious sunshine.  I had a lovely walk with the dogs down at the estuary and though the tide was out I managed to stop them paddling in the mud.  A whole load of washing dried on the line in the garden which is so much nicer than having to use the tumble dryer.  The clothes smell so nice a fresh when they come in.  With an assortment of jugs and buckets we managed to give James the equivalent of a shower which made him feel a great deal better too.  Lunch was an assortment of left overs and oddments from the freezer served with boiled potatoes and flat green beans.  I had, however, made a bread and butter pudding with a stale baguette which made a very nice desert.  For supper we had various things on toast including ham and mushrooms.  

Today the wonderful Jane is due but how she is going to manage I don't really know as the house is all a bit of mess with the furniture all out of place hoovering is going to be like an obstacle course.  Anyway between us I am sure we can make some sort of order out of the chaos.  If the weather holds I would like to get the inside of the green house cleaned and ready for some tomato plants.  Last year I bought some plants from a local nursery and am hoping to do the same again this year.  They have a huge number of varieties ranging from the tiny little cherry tomatoes up to the huge beef type so I can grow lots of different ones.   I also need to be thinking of putting in some runner beans if we are to have our usual runner bean feast.  Isn't it amazing how a bit of sunshine makes you think of gardening!!!

Today I have a bacon joint which I am going to cook for supper in the slow cooker as it has been soaking over night in the sink to remove some of the salt. The recipe includes lots of vegetables so it will be a complete meal in a pot.  Lunch will be a sandwich affair as I think I am going to be pretty busy this morning so to that end I have hard boiled half a dozen eggs.   I think egg, tomato and mayo has to be my favourite filling.

Just in case you think things are improving regarding the NHS you would be wrong we received a copy of the report from the consultant we saw at Pembury which has been sent to the wrong GP in a completely different practice.  So today I will take a photo copy and get it sent to the right place.  Then phone Pembury and see if I can get the records changed so that this doesn't happen again.  There is absolutely no joined up thinking and if you don't keep a sharp eye on them the mistakes are legion.  They talk about people falling through the cracks but from my perspective they are not so much cracks as chasms. 

Anyway on that happy note I am going to go back to bed and see if I can get a bit more sleep and brace myself for the day ahead.  I hope you are feeling a bit better Joy colds are such miserable things.....


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