Monday morning and the beginning of another week

Yesterday was another hot one with wall to wall sunshine.  The day started badly with James upending a can of coke all over his bed so it was a case of stripping it all off and getting the duvet out on the line to dry while the bedding went through the washing machine. Once that was done it was out with the dogs before the weather got too warm.  We foolishly thought that as it was such a wonderful day people would be heading for the coast or country side and we would be safe to slip into Tesco for a few odds and ends.  How wrong we were; the place was heaving with semi naked lobsters who had managed to burn themselves the previous day and were hell bent on doing the same again that day.   The men were laying in large amounts of lager and charcoal so I guess it would be the usual barbecue of chicken, burnt on the outside and raw inside, cremated burgers and sausages liberally coated in ash all washed down with copious amounts of beer.  We, on the other hand, were home for our kedgeree which was really nice for a change, not exactly Sunday lunch material, but tasty none the less.  I hope Sandies old people were not too tough!!!!

As I was already in the laundry mode I decided to wash the winter jackets and poor Basso went mad when he saw my hunting jacket being taken from its hook.  His disappointment was palpable when it was unceremoniously shoved into the machine.  Anyway, it is all nice and clean to start the season in October.  Last year the first shoot of the season was in 30+ degrees and we all though we would die of heat exhaustion.

While we were in Tesco I bought some potted herbs to put in my window boxes outside the kitchen so now I have two types of basil; the broad leaf and the Greek bush type along with coriander and chives.  I should have bought some parsley too for the green house but in my rush to get out I forgot so that has been added to my list of things needed.  I also looked for yellow bean sauce and hoi sin sauce neither of which were available so the char sui pork will have to wait.

One of  James mates came round and took him out for the afternoon and evening which was just the ticket as although we can provide most things entertainment is difficult and being stuck in the house with a pair of old farts for weeks must be driving him mad.

Today I am off to the hairdresser to have a cut and blow dry which I desperately need as my hair is hanging like so much wet lettuce at the moment and driving me round the bend.  I have taken two packs of bolognese sauce out of the freezer and intend to make a lasagne which I haven't done in ages but as I will be at the hairdresser around lunch time I also got out a couple of bits of chicken which I will poach and leave cold for sandwiches for lunch.

Well the sun is up so I am off up the garden to get the green house watered before it gets too warm  and the plants get burned or should that be boiled.  I believe that we are in for some thunderstorms this afternoon if the weather forecast is to be believed which will be very welcome as the garden is very dry despite all that rain we had earlier.  I have tried to keep the number of pots to a minimum an no hanging baskets so that I don't have too much stuff to water through the summer.

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